About Tokyo Riverside School

About TRS

Post Code: 111-0033
2-2-5 Hanakawado,
Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81(3) 3847-4871
Fax: +81(3) 3847-7961
Email: trs@tokyoriverside.co.jp
Beijing Office
Tel: +86(10) 6554-6681
Our school is located at Asakusa, a major sightseeing spot where you can find Japanese culture close by.
You can find Sensouji temple and the Sumida River near the school
Easy access to cherry blossom viewing party at the riverside, Sanja Festival
Sumida River Fireworks, and Yabusame, which is a horse back archery performance
And Asakusa is a traditional town where you can find Jinrikisha(rickshaw) and Sumo wrestlers in a lot of places. Also, you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower from our school. This Tower is on the opposite shore of the Sumida River and now under construction. It is the latest sightseeing spot and you must see it.
We have a great environment
We are always trying to contribute to the local community.
We have exchange activities with local elementary schools such as Asakusa Elementary School and Ishihama Elementary School
And our students join Sanja Festival, one of the 3 biggest festivals in Tokyo, carrying Mikoshi, a portable shrine.
We have a great interaction with the global community
Excellent and dedicated teachers provide not only Japanese language lessons but also daily life guidance kindly, so that all the foreign students could live in Japan without worries.
We provide dedicated support


Basic Course
(6 months)
To get a good foundation of Japanese language
Course Objective: to master kanji (about 600 characters), vocabulary (about 2,500 words), and to become able to have a conversation helpful to daily life, and to read and write simple sentence, and to become able to read Japanese manga (comic books)
mediate Course (9months)
To acquire good language ability skills
Course Objective: to master grammar (rather advanced), kanji (about 1,200 characters), vocabulary (about 6,000 words), and to become able to have a conversation and to read and write on general matters.
Course (6months)
To improve the communication skills in Japanese
Course Objective: to master advanced grammar,
kanji (about 2,000 characters), vocabulary (about 10,000 words), by using newspaper stories and DVD's, and to come to have a good command of integrated Japanese which is necessary for social life and helpful as a basis for learning and study in colleges and universities. And, also, there will be a lot of activities.
Level (3months)
To acquire the language skills in order to study at universities.
Course Objective: to improve the ability to read quickly, to write a passage with a clear point, using college/graduate-level materials, and to get communication skills which are necessary in a variety of situations including business scenes, mastering polite and appropriate expressions.
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