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When Japan was defeated in World War II, there were only 80,000,000 Japanese people left in the four remaining war-torn islands. I felt strongly that Japan will need the cooperation of other Asian countries for its recovery.

Amongst these Asian countries; China is especially important. Since China has a vast amount of land and the Chinese culture, China has always been making a big influence on Japan since ancient times. In 1956, I was invited to China by Chinese Foreign Affairs Society. During my stay for 6 months, I had an interview with the premier Zhou Enlai and he noted the importance of the bilateral interaction amongst young people. I returned to Japan, with a mission to promote this interaction.

For more than 5 decades, I have committed myself to the mission in promoting the Chinese-Japanese friendship. After much effort by the Japanese people, Japan has recovered from the defeat of World War II. And China has also been developing at an amazing rate. The relationships among Asian countries, including Japan and China, are considered a very important factor for world peace and prosperity.

As my lifework, I strongly felt it was my mission to create another Sun Wen or Lu Xun, fostering human resources which can form a bridge between Japan and China. For this, we consider that it is important to learn good manners and people skills; which is a necessity not to mention normal education; as well as to acquire language ability. International students are a rising star for their family. We do hope they could communicate well with people locally in Japan for the sake of world peace. And that they can create many good memories before going back to their home country.

We now have many students from around the world. Not just students from China; but also from Europe and Central Asia. We also have students from England, Italy, Russia, and Uzbekistan and more. That is because Asakusa, the location of our school, has its own charm. We are happy to have students with worldwide perspective and a vision of hope for the future. We are committed in contributing to the progress of the world as well as the prosperity in Japan.


June 1988

Takehiko Hamaguchi 254 (two sessions)

Suzuki Mitsuko January, April, July, October