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Annual Events

There are many events you can enjoy throughout the year

Trip to Hokkaido
At Hokkaido in the winter, you can enjoy delicious dishes and beautiful scenery with the snow!

Graduation Ceremony & Cruising Party
After the graduation ceremony, we go to a cruising party in Tokyo Bay, having a beautiful view from the ship. And we celebrate the students' brand-new start.

(Cherry Blossom Viewing Party)
Under the cherry trees in their full bloom, we have Hanami party, right in front of the school, singing and dancing together.
Yabusame Festival
An exciting performance combining archery and horseback riding! One of the traditional festivals at Asakusa, held in Sumida park.

Sanja Festival
Students join Sanja Festival, one of the 3 biggest festivals in Tokyo. They carry Mikoshi (portable shrine) with people of the local community, wearing Happi (traditional clothes for festivals), all over Asakusa.
Beer Factory Tour
An amazing experience at a beer brewing factory. After observing the brewing process, students can also enjoy beer tasting.

Trip to Okinawa
In Okinawa, located in the southwest of Japan, students enjoy the beautiful ocean and delicious local food, learning its original culture and history.
Honda Car Factory Tour
We got excited to see the high-tech robots working in the car factory.

Houzuki Festival
It is said that if you visit Sensouji temple on this day, it is worth 46,000 visits. In the past, Houzuki was used as a medicine.
Fireworks Festival at Sumida River
Watching a fireworks show from the school balcony, having a party in the classroom. 20,000 rockets are set off in the night sky above Sumida river.

Bon Dance Party
The bon dance festival is a feature of the summer in Japan! We dance in a circle, wearing Yukata (traditional cloth for the summer). One of the opportunities to meet the people of the local area.
Asakusa Samba Carnival
Asakusa's new features, Samba Carnival. You can see the Samba parade and enjoy the Latin music.

Autumn Graduation Ceremony
Graduation ceremony is held twice a year.
Speech Contest
Students make a moving speech every year! Everyone listens to them with open ears.

Excursion to Mt. Fuji & FujiQ Highland
Let's visit world-famous Mt.Fuji together! And you can enjoy the most exciting roller coaster in Japan at FujiQ Highland.
International Exchange with Asakusa Elementary
Communication with the local elementary school students. Time flies when you talk about your culture, traditions, and future dreams with each other.

Tori no Ichi Festival
This festival started in the Edo Era, and It's held on the day of bird. A lucky charm, Kumade, is the item sold on at this festival.
Jidai Festival
You can see the parade, and people in colorful traditional cloths of the Edo Period.

Hagoita Festival
You can find many street booths at Sensouji temple, to sell Hagoita, which considered a lucky charm for girls since the Edo Era.
Life Safety Learning Center Visit
You can experience what the earthquakes are like, and you can learn what to do in case of emergency such as the fire.

Every 2 months
Birthday Party
There is a birthday party at Yakiniku restaurant. It's more delicious when we have lunch together!

*The seasons of the factory visits and trips for Okinawa/Hokakaido are subject to change