After Graduation at Tokyo Riverside School

After Graduation

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Graduate's Voice ②

Graduate's Voice

This is an interview with Mr. Wang Fujiang who graduated from TRS in March 2003. Now he works for Shimizu Corporation, which is one of top class corporations in Japan.
*This interview was held in December 2010.

 Graduation Voice 2

Q1 Mr. Wang could you please tell us how you managed to join this top class company?

I'm originally from the Chinese province of Liaoning. After I graduated from high school, I wanted to study architecture. I attended TRS in October 2001. After studying Japanese for 18 months; through recommendation from a teacher at TRS, I applied to study in Kyoto Seika University, which is based in a culturally and historically enriched city of Kyoto.

I was successful in my application; I then spent the next 6 years studying in the University. In April 2009, I joined Shimizu Corporation as a full time staff member.

Q2 Can you tell us about your current life style?

After working there for a year, I started to learn the practical aspect of architectural design.

The department that I'm working in now designs apartment buildings. I'm responsible for the design of both rental and privately owned high-rise apartments. On top of that; I also oversee the administration for construction and the engineer aspect of the project on site.

As part of my job description; I am expected to liaise between my organization; relevant Governmental departments and our customers. Apart from these official liaison; proficiency in filing and collating of the project's data; architectural drawings and sketches; are well within my duty area.

At times; I am expected to be at work even on my day off. If I managed to get some free time, I mainly stay home and rest or spend them with my family and friends.

Q3 Can you tell us why you chose to continue your education in Japan; and most importantly why you chose TRS?

I heard a lot of the daily life in Japan from my relatives that resides over there. Gradually, I developed an interest towards Japanese cultures. My ambition to become an architect leads to my research for academic institution for architectural studies. I investigated the doctrines from both the U.S. institutes and European institutes. However; I found Japanese architecture is more in advance in the control of "Space" of a building design.

Without hesitation; I decided then to choose Japan as the country to further my ambition to be an architect.

Prior to my arrival in Japan; during my selection for a Japanese language school. I was deeply impressed with the high success rate in the granting of Student Visa by TRS.

Naturally, TRS became my first choice. They are methodical with their application procedures; offering step by step instructions, informing me in all that is needed in the process. This no doubt made me feel at ease throughout the application.

The school's location was part of the reasons that I chose TRS. The colorful annual festivities in Asakusa offer excellent opportunities for people who want to have a better understanding of Japanese Cultures.

Q4 Can you tell us about your daily routine during your time in TRS?

On the first day of school; I was most impressed with the teacher that instructed us to say "good afternoon" in Japanese. We practiced close to a hundred times just on "konichiwa" alone. I am most grateful to see the professionalism displayed by the teacher that day. TRS is very straight with students' attendance; providing excellent learning environment at the same time.

We once went to Mount Fuji on an excursion; then there was a tour to Disney World and I also joined the Cultural Exchange Club. Apart from school curriculum; there were plenty of new things to see and learn. That and many others; became my lasting memories during my stay at TRS.

Q5 Tell us about your dream of the future

It's always been my dream to become an architect. During my time at TRS; I once wrote an essay called "My Dream"; I wrote about my ambition to build a world renowned monumental structure. That became my driving force that guided me through my years of educations. Now that I am working in the industry; I hope that one day my dream will be a reality.

Q6 Will you be able to provide some suggestions for the new comers of TRS?

Based on my experiences; I urged all new students to ask themselves this question: "What do I want to achieve by coming to Japan?" in answering this simple question you may realize some important aspects of your trip to Japan.

It may take much effort in achieving your goal; just remember that, success is only one step away.