School Life Riverside School

School Life

Токио Риверсаид Гакуэн
Индекс: 111-0033 Тайто-ку Ханакауадо 2-2-5 Токио-то Япония
Тел: +81(3)3847-4871
Факс: +81(3)3847-7961
Beijing Office
Tel: +86(10) 6554-6681

Part-time Job Scene

1.At a Takoyaki (octopus dumpling) shop near the school. 2.Became able to make delicious Takoyaki.
3.At a duty-free shop in Akihabara, known as a electronic quarter.
4.You can put in practice what you learned at school. 5.Make the most of your language abilities.
6.Need to be familiar with detailed product information.