Privacy Policy of Tokyo Riverside School

Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

1. Fundamental policies

Regarding the protection and appropriate use of personal information, all affiliated personnel of Tokyo Riverside School (hereinafter referred to as "TRS") will act according to the rules defined in this policy in addition to local laws and regulations.

2. Collection of personal information

Upon the receipt of personal details, TRS will inform the applicant of how the information is to be utilized. Personal information is only acquired via transparent and legal means.

3. Use of personal information

Your personal information is utilized in the following procedures. In case TRS needs to use your personal information in any other way, we will first contact you and ask for your permission.

  1. Correspondence related to the inquiries, applications and document submissions
  2. Collection of information related to class admission and attendance records
  3. Procedures related to immigration, such as obtaining visa or customs
  4. Services and educations provided by TRS, such as vocational assistance, course selection and grades administration.

4. Safeguarding of personal information

To ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, in addition to a strengthened data security system, all affiliated TRS's personnel have strict instructions to safeguard the information against unauthorized access. In the event that information is to be shared with a third party, TRS will supervise the correct use of these information by the third party.

5. Supplying personal information to a third party

In general, TRS will not provide your personal information to a third party without your consent, with the exception of the following:
  1. In case your personal information is requested by a government organization such as Immigration, Court, or Police.
  2. In the event of a life threatening situation (such as a critical illness)

6. Provision and Correction of personal information

In case you would like to ask TRS to provide or collect your personal information, we will do it as soon as possible. However, if we cannot verify your identity, we cannot process your request.