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School Life

Токио Риверсаид Гакуэн
Индекс: 111-0033 Тайто-ку Ханакауадо 2-2-5 Токио-то Япония
Тел: +81(3)3847-4871
Факс: +81(3)3847-7961
Beijing Office
Tel: +86(10) 6554-6681
School Life
The beginning of the day, submitting the student card at the office
School Life
Students have been arriving the school, fulfilling the classroom with smile.
School Life
I'm looking forward to the class!
School Life
It's fun chatting together with friends.
School Life
Anytime it's fun and comfortable with friends.
School Life
Chatting at the student rounge.
School Life
You can check the brochures of universities and technical schools
School Life
A Christmas tree makes me feel happy!
School Life
'How was the exam?' 'Oh, I might be the no.1 in the class!'
School Life
We study together everyday!

Interview with the students of Tokyo Riverside School.

Zhang Yin Kai (China)

Q: What is the most standout point of studying at Tokyo Riverside School?

A: The teachers are responsible and stick to their beliefs. That's a part of the reasons why the students can give good results. It's emphasized to acquire the listening skills, and the greatest strength of the students at this school is that their speaking skills are great. That is really helpful for our daily life in Japan.

Jo Eun Mi (Korea)

Q: How do you like your life in Japan?

A: I like it a lot. Japanese people are very kind. And Japan has a lot of beautiful places, and everything is convenient and I really like Japan.

Grace Bonita Kinoshita(Philippines)

Q: How do you like your school life?

A: I like it a lot and I made a lot of friends from many different counties. I feel so happy. And my teachers are kind and approachable. I enjoy the class a lot and I find it very interesting and helpful. The lessons are designed very well so that the students can learn quick and easily.

Du Dong Dong (China)

Q: What is the most standout point of studying at Tokyo Riverside School?

A: Curriculum at this school is helpful for me. There are many opportunities for everyone to talk in the class since the beginner class, and you can learn natural and practical Japanese. And the teachers provide interesting classes and you can learn Japanese in a quiet environment.

Radjabov Abduvohid (Uzbekistan)

Q: Do you have fun in the class?

A: Yes, I do. It's really fun and the lessons are designed for everyone to talk, so there is always interactive communication in the class and I like it a lot. Also, there's a family atmosphere at school.

Paolo Caracciolo(Italy)

Q: Has your Japanese ability improved?

A: Yes, it has, because it is fun to learn Japanese with teachers at this school. Before I came to Japan, I could only understand some words while I was watching Japanese animation, but now I can understand the whole story

Timothy Martin Gwinett (UK)

Q: What are the things that have surprised you in Japan?

A: The fact that so much is built around making day-to-day life that little bit easier is certainly striking, from small things like the 'time remaining' indicators at pedestrian crossings and toilets that open automatically as soon as one enters the room, to the remarkably efficient train networks which one can go almost anywhere and the doting shop staff who will attend to one's every need.

Narziev Nusratillo (Uzbekistan)

Q: How is it like to have a part-time job, while studying?

A: Actually, it is a little bit hard, but if you don't put into practice what you have learned at school, that would be a waste of your experience, I think.

Aum Gayoung (US)

Q: What do you think are the most interesting aspects of life in Japan?

A: There are so many nice restaurants and confectionary stores, so I like to go and eat at different restaurants or stores. And also, it is really good that you can go anywhere by train.

Nguyen Quoc Viet (Viet Nam)

Q: What is the tip to learn Kanji (the Chinese characters)?

A: It is important to read and write Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, and you shouldn't depend on the characters of your mother tongue. Also, it' necessary to practice basic parts of Kanji. However, what counts most is to like Kanji.